Time Management and how I grew another 3 of me...


If only I could dig a little hole in the garden and plant a bit of me so up would pop another one of me. The truth is trying to do 3 jobs in one is actually physically impossible.

At the moment Frothy Betty is making outdoor musical instruments, totem poles, proposals for kinders and schools, developing ideas, volunteer playground development, and enriching the minds of childen whilst failing to - promote the business, blog and update a website. Hence the need for more of me. It could be that one needs to smile, take deep breaths and take it all step by step :)

I guess another option would be to steal Hermione’s time turner or develop some sort of time portal or walk an alternate plane. Mr Newton I love your mind dearly ( I wouldn’t have named my second child after you if I didn’t love your way of thinking) but I do sometimes wish that magic was real!