The old me welcomes the new me.

This is what my home page used to say… I have decided to keep the text as it is part of what motivates me. It is such a wonderful thing to be able to grow and learn and explore.


Frothy Betty is born of the creative mind of Liz Norman. Many moons ago in the sleepy old town of Brisbane Australia Lizzy liked her Lattes frothy and a friend liked the name Betty and so it began. Frothy Betty travelled slowly south leaving the scattered breadcrumbs of an artistic trail behind and settled in the not so sleepy and not so warm town of Melbourne.

Liz is a visual artist with skills crossing many genres. She has worked in Theatre, Animation, Illustration, Film and Television as well as producing art for solo and group exhibitions in Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne. After completing a Visual Arts degree majoring in Illustration at Queensland College of Art, Liz helped create several children's television productions with ABC Television in Brisbane. Liz has also completed training in directing and post production through the Australian Film and Television and Radio School in Sydney. Her own films have appeared in the Brisbane International Film Festival, Canberra Film Festival and Splendour In the Grass. While all this has been going on Liz has maintained her passion for creating art. She loves textures, things that shine, things that ooze, things that fill a person with wonder and intrigue and make you think even a little bit about stuff... oh and she likes constructing things to create 3-Dimensional art. She now also designs and constructs small and large scale outdoor installations. She loves spending time in the great outdoors creating.

We create things that shine, things that ooze, things that fill a person with wonder and intrigue, things that make you think even a little bit about stuff. From tiny aceo art cards to giant 3dimensional totems, from iPad apps to animation, from market art to christmas cards, from bottle top people to collage and all things recycled art in between. If it's art we'll create it.