The First Totem Tea - an experiment into the social interconnectivity of doing...

On Saturday 15th September 2012 Frothy Betty held the first ever Totem Tea.

Goal - to see if getting together with a bunch of people to paint sections of totem poles is scintillating orstultifying - ie cool or naff.

The Process - Upon arrival you choose a totem pole section. These are all predrilled, sanded and undercoated in exterior white. Your name is written on the piece. After painting, the name is written where it can be clearly seen… it is important to take pride in your work. Then you eat, drink, chat, paint and be merry. The totem sections are later outlined by Frothy Betty in white or black paint where appropriate, this brings out the art and unifies the pieces. Finally the pieces are lacquered for extra sparkle and to protect them if exhibiting outside.

On this particular day everyone did truly seem to enjoy the opportunity to do something tangible. To hold a piece of wood and paint while chatting to friends and strangers is a rewarding experience. Even those who claimed to have absolutely no creative talent outshone themselves and professed it to be a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!!

Outcomes and achievements - proven that it is also fun and extremely self satisfying for adults not just kinder kids and school children. Everyone can be creative and WILL feel empowered when allowed to express themselves. Sooo - SHINY NOT NAFF.