My idevice addiction saved my fingernails

This is the fact. All my life I have chewed my fingernails. The intense type of chewing that leaves you with gnawed bloody stumps. Even when you know it will hurt if you just rip this one last bit of nail… I would go ahead and do it anyway. Until recently that is.

A couple of years ago I got an iPhone. I had refused to buy into the mobile phone way of life - had a couple of hand me down phones that annoyed me and I could never remember my phone number. And then… I was converted by iPhone. It was the most awesome device I had ever owned (not sure if that is an exaggeration but it feels a bit like that). I quickly became enthralled by my calender and the unbelievable ease of use. And apps glorious apps. All of a sudden I wanted to remember my phone number.

Then in April this year my partner and I bought an iPad under the ruse that it would be useful for our overseas trip. Now I am a total iDevice junky. iPads are the bees knees. I spend hours doing app "research" and I love that I can do this anywhere. ("Why?" I hear you say, "apps don't have anything to do with Frothy Betty!"… not yet — watch this space).

A potential downside - my kids are addicted too. Is it time to cut back when a 4yr old child uses finger swipes to connect pictures in a paper book and refers to real life events as "in this level I did…" Hmmm perhaps…

Anyway the upshot is because my fingers are always tap tap tapping and swipe swipe swiping, I now have unchewed normal looking nails :)