Long Haul Flight, Stopovers and Time to Think - Frothy Betty In Pakistan

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Flying in to Abu Dhabi airport as the golden globe of the sun bursts across the horizon, the radiant glow illumintating the earth, a question floats in my mind. Why Pakistan? Leading up to this trip when I told people I am going to Pakistan… the response was always Why Pakistan? We are used to the image that gives us many many reasons why not to go to Pakistan… mainstream media visions of terrorism and taliban permeates our perception, so for many it’s a struggle to find even one good reason to go there. People wonder about the safety and assume I’m going to my early death. I had a seven hour stop over in United Arab Emirates to ponder this question and contemplate my imminent early demise.

Why Pakistan? It is home to the world’s highest mountain ranges, Himalaya, Karakoram and Hindukush with 5 of the 8 thousanders including K2, Nanga Parbat and Gasherbrum… I love mountains and would take any opportunity to be close to these. Surrounding these mountain ranges is truly spectactular scenery. Pakistan has one of the most beautiful road trips on the planet, the Karakoram Highway, and to have the opportunity to travel this with my local friend on motorbike makes my heart sing. The mighty Indus river which runs from Tibet through India then flows the length of Pakistan has some of the oldest civilisations on earth. Pakistan has been sorely used and its image tainted unfairly. Pakistan's people are welcoming, happy and eager to please. They want peace, and are incredibly hospitable, despite what mass media would have us believe. They are very proud of the natural beauty that they have been blessed with. It’s my duty to help change perceptions, to build and connect communities. I will not be deterred by blinkered views of the muslim faith, by warped misconceptions and fear mongering and I refuse to perpetuate the same. Open hearts and open minds, here’s to a better world!

Walking into the international Abu Dhabi terminal the announcement calls "You are entering this country during the holy month of Ramzan, there is no eating or drinking in public during sunlight hours”, a man lays his rug on the terminal floor and prays. I smile for the love of international airports where all people of all cultures meet. I’d love to see a world where such open displays of culture and acceptance of these is a part of every nation and every day life. I want my kids to grow up with love in their hearts for humanity… Now to find a place where I can hide and fill my rumbling stomach :p

I was invited to visit Pakistan “the land of the pure” to see for myself its peace, passion and beauty. I see the world in technicolor and I embrace the journey I am on. So I smile and rejoice as I board the flight to Islamabad. Pakistan here I come.

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