It's a Montage


Up to my ears in plastic bottle tops

• "Montage -thetechniqueofproducinganewcompositewholefromfragments of pictures,text,ormusic"….

So this time I really should have updated sooner as there is so much to tell… but becasue I have been so busy creating I have had NOOO time for sharing my adventures. So here it is in Montage form :)

The low down of the past 2 and a half months in the life of Frothy Betty is this,

- Totem pole incursion at Gordon Street Preschool

- Market stall at Healesville, Craft Markets Victoria

- Market stall at BNPS Christmas Night Market

- my sketchbook project book featured at Brooklyn Night Market.

- and right now, Totem Pole incursion at Olympic Avenue kindergarten

- andalso right now, Bottle top mural incursion at Beaumaris North Primary School… pics to follow


Gordon Street Preschool totem sections

Also I feel the need to provide a little bit of clarification with regards to the totems. Yes I originally developed the concept of a modular totem for use in schools and kinders and they work a treat for that purpose… however they are as versatile as our imagination. My background in illustration and model-making has lead me to become a super duper problem solver. I look at any request and am happy to come up with a new design or concept to fit. Totem poles can come in all shapes and sizes. I enjoy the challenge of sourcing different timbers and creating new visual parameters. I will do commission totems for your home or work place with your ideas and dreams in mind. I am not in the habit of providing blank canvas totems and walking away - rather to guide you in the creation of, or to create for you, an amazing work of art.