At Frothy Betty we believe in creating art from the heart, connectingcommunities through sensory art play experiences and enriching lives.Frothy Betty Creative Productions is a hub for community art facilitation, with a deep passion for creating sensory play opportunities for young people and releasing the creativity in people of all ages.

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Our artist Liz works closely with schools and kindergartens to devise programs which include children, their teachers and interested parents in the development of site-specific sensory play creations.Individuals can also engage Frothy Betty to create customised art installations for their homes and gardens.

Frothy Betty’s dedication to helpingcommunities is made more amazing by the partnerships with Business for Good, B1G1 and Pakistan Innovation Summit for Education, PISE. When you connect with Frothy Betty, you are connecting directly with communities in need across the globe. Together we are creating a better world.

Frothy Betty’s sensory playscapes are featured in a number of schools and kindergartens across Melbourne, including Beaumaris North Primary School, East Beaumaris Kindergarten, Yeshivah Early Learning Centre East St Kilda, Gordon Street Kindergarten Beaumaris, Olympic Avenue Kindergarten Cheltenham, Brenbeal Kindergarten Footscray and Brentwood Kindergarten Croydon, Brighton Beach Primary School, Acacia Avenue Preschool Cheltenham.

We believe in recycling andup cycling. Waste not want not. Let Frothy Betty upcycle your stuff into repurposed art, for indoors and outdoors. Connect with Frothy Betty and help make a better world.


Frothy Betty In Pakistan

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When children have the right tools at their disposal, their playground becomes an imaginarium of endless possibility, learning and wonder.
Liz Norman